Lisa Solis DeLong is a Los Angeles based author and inspirational speaker who touches dark knowledge that we often are afraid to talk about with her amazing personal journey and experience as a RN. She is a national speaker, registered nurse, author, and bereavement facilitator. 

"Everyone in healthcare should hear Lisa's inspiring story and read her book. She touched our hearts and our funny bone with inspiration, personal stories, and her genuine concern for our well-being. Thank you, Lisa, for sharing your story and teaching all of us."

“Lisa Delong’s achingly beautiful story of life, love, and loss is a very personal and powerful journey. We have been friends for over a decade, and her son Justin was one of my heroes. Lisa’s son Jacob, who is also one of my heroes, has been at war with the disease that took his brother’s life. Blood Brothers is a real life experience of hope, compassion, and faith. Once you meet this mother and her family, your life will change forever.” Kathy Ireland, CEO Kathy Ireland Worldwide